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ABOUT BLH BEAUTY - Acne Treatment in San Diego, CA with Brittany

BLH Beauty is a place where people can go to improve their skin, get education and the best treatment for your skin.

As an Acne Specialist, I’ve created my services to be inclusive and transparent. When you come in for your treatment, you are paying for my time. 

I’d like to do what’s best for your skin. In the meantime I’ll provide you with education and a community where all skin questions are welcomed.

brittany with blh beauty


Hi! I’m Brittany, the owner of BLH Beauty. I’m a San Diego transplant and California native. I love skincare. And makeup. I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I was a young teenager and I would save my babysitting money to buy Benefit’s “Show-Off” eyeshadows. I developed acne around the same time and was often teased. My parents sent me to an Esthetician and got me on a good skincare line and I saw incredible improvements. I was hooked, and have been a skincare fanatic ever since. Becoming an Esthetician was a lifelong dream I never thought I’d have the courage for. I took a leap of courage and left my secure corporate job to get my Esthetician License. And I’ve never looked back. I am passionate about helping people feel better about themselves.


My BORING SKIN CLUB™ was created about my first year as an Esthetician. I worked at a spa that offered many different type of facials to many different skin types. Acne facials quickly became my favorite. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy parts of a traditional facial; helping someone relax, the quietness during massage – it’s that I really loved seeing the change in a client’s skin after just ONE acne treatment. I decided then and there I would be an Acne Specialist!I love performing acne extractions. Gross to some, I find it extremely satisfying. Nothing makes me more excited than a new client needing lots of extractions!I always looked forward to my acne clients – I loved seeing their skin progress, their hard work paying off. However, I found that as they would get clear skin, I had less and less extractions to do. When my first client became clear, I joked, “Now you have Boring Skin! I have nothing to extract!”When the next client became clear, I also told them they had “Boring Skin” – thus the club was born. I unofficially used the term, “Boring Skin Club” for a year and a half until I decided to start celebrating it.


I like to read, bake and sit around talking for hours with my friends. I love tea and chocolate chip cookies. My Black Labrador dog, Tahnee, is the center of my life and my husband and I argue who she loves more (she loves me more).